Birth of Underchaps

I am a long time passenger on my husband’s Honda Goldwing Motorcycle. We always dress in full leather gear for our protection and enjoy frequent road trips with our good friends and other fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

The drawback for me as a woman was the constant challenge to use the restroom during a rest stop. With the layered clothing especially in cooler temperatures it took a long time and a lot of effort to unbuckle my leather chaps unbutton & unzip my jeans, untuck my shirts and so on. Then the same went in reverse for getting dressed again.

Being part of a group ride there is usually a long line of female friends waiting for their equally lengthy turn. By the time everybody is done we generally find our male partners patiently waiting for us by the bikes, eager to continue on our outings.

I always thought of how easy it is for the guys! There is hardly ever a waiting line outside of their restroom doors. There really should be a way for us ladies to be equally efficient…

Sometimes there were other occasions when a stop out in nowhere was necessary. We women have to trust in Mother Nature to provide tall bushes or big trees to hide behind in order to pull our pants down and be out of sight from potential onlookers.

I finally envisioned an idea which slowly took shape in my mind.

I imagined a long, vertical Zipper along the entire back seam of my jeans. To make it functional this design would be complimented by specialty panties with a vertical flap opening in the back matching the zippered opening of the jeans. This way I could just unzip, unfold, use the facilities and be back on the road after a quick zip up.

Determined to place this idea into reality I developed a couple of jeans and pantie sample products. Putting them to the test it was amazing how well they worked. With my addition of this quick zipper feature I call the “Gender Gap System” my jeans and chaps now stay in place!

Expanding on this awesome concept I can see this Gender Gap System work for anybody, not just in combination with leather chaps for motorcyclists. There are tons of recreational activities and social events with limited access to restrooms, or some of us ladies may like to wear these innovative jeans just for fun.

Warmest regards,

Gisela Smith
Owner, Designer

UNDERCHAPS – Bridging Gender Gaps!